Why You Need a Cat Scratch Post

If you have a problem with your cat scratching your furniture or you’re planning on raising a cat, one of the things you’ll need to buy is a cat scratching post. It’s natural for cats to scratch as it is a habit of theirs. So if you don’t provide your cat a scratch post, the result is that they will scratch whatever they can get their hands on.

So why do cats scratch in the first place? Believe it or not, cats do not scratch random things when they’re angry or because they want to act out. Like grooming, scratching is something that they do as a habit. They scratch away the top layer of their claws to make way for their new layer. Cats will also scratch to mark their territory. They emit their own scent that we can’t smell to mark their space.

Alternatively, cats also scratch to relieve stress. They need some way act out their natural instincts. The bottom line is that if they don’t have a cat scratch post, they will end up taking it out on your property. So now that you know the importance of using scratch posts, how do you choose a cat post?

You want to buy scratch posts that have a wide base so that it can withstand the pressure of your cat’s bodyweight. These posts are typically made out of wood and are wrapped in rough fabric that has a long life and can withstand the scratching. There are different types of scratch posts from floor posts, wall posts, to shaped posts but the standard pillar style should work.

You can also go with cat posts that come with an obstacle course. This is often called a cat tree and your cat will be able to exercise using this tree while using the post when needed. The biggest benefit of this is that you get accomplish two things with the cat tree/post and can be an economical buy for your cat.

To get your cat used to scratch posts, just place the post near your cat’s favorite spot. The most logical spot would be near the sleeping cradle. However, if that doesn’t work try different spots such as near their eating dish. Cats enjoy using these posts because it provides more resistance compared to your furniture.

In conclusion, a cat scratch post is a must if you own a cat or you’re planning on getting one. The sooner you introduce your cat to the post, the better it will be. It will prevent a lot of damage to your furniture and get your cat used to using the post for scratching. Which post you ultimately decide will depend on your needs and budget.