Why Cats Make Better Pets

I’m sure a lot of people will protest when I proclaim that cats are better than dogs. For all those dog lovers or dog owners out there – I have a message for you – accept the above truth with a brave heart. There are an endless number of reasons why a cat is much better than a dog as a pet. The first reason and it’s a really important reason – is that a cat is a very graceful animal. It will always respect your private space and expect the same from you too. Thus you don’t need to get hysterical when you have a cat as your pet – instead imagine how a dog keeps jumping around you all the time – the affection part is fine but they tend to overdo it, thus getting on your nerves.

You don’t to take a cat for a walk. It will go out all by itself. But if you have a dog, you will definitely have to take it for a walk, even if you have just had a very tiresome day, full of work. Or imagine taking your dog out in the rains or when it’s too cold to venture outside your house. You can also leave a cat all by itself for a long time without needing to worry about it. This is just not possible when you have a dog as a pet. You cannot dream of going out anywhere without making some arrangements for your dog. You also need to spend a lot of money on dog food, if you have a dog at your place – compared to that the cost of cat food is very reasonable.

And this is for all the guys who say that a dog is very faithful – what about the fact that all dogs revoltingly lick their bottoms and then show you their loyalty and love by licking you immediately on your face – yuck. You cannot even dream that a cat will even try such a stunt. A cat’s purring is definitely soothing to everyone, on the other hand, a dog’s barking can be very disturbing – many people get a real start when a dog starts barking suddenly, without reason. Have you ever smelt a dog from close – if your answer is a no – that’s good – don’t even try doing that! Cats don’t smell bad at all. A cat will never create a mess or land in a mess. Instead it tries to always keep itself clean. Can we say the same about a dog – how often do we see dogs all rolled up in all those messy puddles.

The best part about a cat is that they never mess up the carpet or the sofa. Miraculously they seem to have an in-built system which trains them in potty manners. Can you even expect the same from a dog? I can go on and on about the benefits an owner enjoys when he or she has a cat as a pet instead of a dog. But I hope the above points will definitely help you to decide to opt for a cat, the next time you are planning to keep a pet at your place.