What Everyone Should Know About the Siamese

Siamese cats are wonderful pets. Their large blue eyes and striking coat make them an instant hit. Their personality makes them unforgettable. Siamese can be different from other cats and it’s important to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Siamese cats are loyal cats. These cats are likely to pick one person in the household and think of that person as their own. No one else will do. They need to know that this person is around for them. Siamese are likely to follow their person from room to room and settle on a lap as soon as the person is seated. They can be annoying this way.

Siamese love attention. They want the attention of their one person. Siamese cats have been known to become depressed when their person is not around. If you are someone who travels a lot or has a busy job that keeps you out of the house, a Siamese may not be the cat for you.

While the Siamese loves to snooze on a lap, they are active and athletic cats. They find perches in places other cats would barely notice. The are nosy and intelligent, which means if there’s something they want to know, they’ll find out. Siamese are great at opening doors to rooms and to cupboards. They’ll walk on a leash. They’ll slip outside before the owner notices, only to be found out moments later when they announce their achievement.

The best toys for a Siamese are interactive toys. This stimulates their natural athletic ability as well as their need for attention. After playing with these cats for a while, owners notice how strong they are. When they catch the toy, they can pull, hard. Often they don’t want to let go either.

Siamese can be the most stubborn of cats. They’ve learned that not giving in gets them their way. Those owned by a Siamese learn that a Siamese will continue to be a pest about a getting more food long after the other cats have eaten and taken a nap. The Siamese will be the last cat to listen to no or to get off the counter. They are also the cat who will continue to lay on the floor even when the vacuum pushes them to move.

Talkative is a word often used to describe these cats. They have many different meows, ranging from a gentle chirp to the loud yowl they are famous for. Owners learn to pick up on the difference in the vocalizations. While many of these cats are relatively quiet, if they decide they want to talk, they will, incessantly.

Siamese cats are amusing and fun. They know that they are something special and they don’t hesitate to show it. Siamese cat owners often say that once you’ve been owned by a Siamese you’ll never have another breed of cat. They are truly one of a kind.