What Are the Healthiest Cat Foods to Ensure a Long and Healthy Life?

What are the healthiest cat foods you can feed your cat which will ensure your cat the best health and the longest life? The perfect choice of cat food will make a huge difference to your cat’s health. The daily consumption of food stimulates or suppresses the immune system, so getting it right is key to your cat’s health.

With all the confusing array of conflicting information about, what really is a good, healthy cat food? Who can you trust? Let’s go back to basics and work up from there.

Cats evolved on eating their prey they had just killed. Consider what the prey consists of, say a mouse. A wild mouse will be well muscled, with little fat. There are organs, which are in small amounts than the muscle meat. There are small bones. The meat is raw and very fresh.

Compare this with what is typically put into commercial cat food.

The meat is often meat by-products. Meat by-products mean the result from rendering plants. Which is a collection of dead animals from road kill, euthanised pets and horses, waste from slaughter houses, such as fat, and the like.

Carcasses can be left at the rendering plant for days before being processed.

Rendering plants use high temperatures and pressures to process the carcasses.

The ‘meat’ is then bulked out with cheap filler to make more economic sense to the supplier, but not to your cat’s health. Common filler is melamine, sugar, any cheap grain, nut shells, etc.

Because this ‘food’ is so short in nutrients, there is an attempt to address this shortfall by adding isolated and synthetic ‘nutrients’ These are completely out of natural balance and at best are a waste of money, at worst can cause harm.

Other synthetic chemicals are added to improve the texture, to colour, to flavour, to preserve, to enhance the smell, to make it acceptable to your cat and so on.

Can you see the difference between a commercial brand of cat food and their own ‘brand’?

Most natural foodists, including most holistic veterinarians, can give you first hand experience of what a change of diet can do. Take a cat with a recurring disease. Change the diet to a natural one. Wait a week or two. The recurring disease disappears, never to return.

Most people would accept that as reliable evidence. Especially when it happens over and over again.