Treating Cats For Kidney Failure – Prescription Diets For Cats With Chronic Renal Failure Or CRF

When your precious feline friend is diagnosed as having kidney failure, it can be a very difficult time for both pet and owner. Treating cats for kidney failure has many options that you can use to provide relief for your cat. Although there are no cures for kidney failure, the life of your pet can be prolonged by using the right treatment.

Once your cat has been diagnosed, there are several dietary changes you can make for your pet which will help prevent further damage to the kidneys. Feeding your pet a diet that is low in phosphorus and protein is commonly prescribed. Low sodium should also be present as well as a high content of potassium. Luckily, the diet you feed your pet will still be rich in nutrients, so they will maintain the best possible health.

A low phosphorous content will help decrease the calcification of the kidneys. Low protein means that there will be fewer toxins that build up in the blood which need to be filtered out by the kidneys. They kidneys do more than just getting rid of waste in the blood. They also help to regulate the acidity of the blood as well as electrolyte levels, vitamin D and hormone production.

Another common remedy for treating cats for kidney failure is to provide the animal with fluids. Additional fluids are injected under the skin, as well as medications and stimulants for appetite since most cats with kidney failure do not have much of an appetite.

If your cat is refusing to eat or drink, the only thing you can do is to force feed that cat using a syringe. It isn’t a fun job, but it will be best for your pet to receive the nutrients and water that it needs to maintain optimum health.

As an extreme measure, a cat owner may want to look at options for a kidney transplant. It is a very costly procedure, and it doesn’t work one hundred percent of the time. However, when it does work it is a great alternative to other treatment options.

Treating cats for kidney failure can be a very difficult process for owner and pet alike. When you convert your cat to a special diet for treating cats for kidney failure you effectively decrease the amount of damage done to her kidneys. Luckily, most treatments are very effective and they will have your cat living the best possible life based on the circumstances.