Tips For a Well Behaved Cat

Cats are creatures that love a routine. I’m sure you notice them rubbing at your legs and meowing when you’re preparing dinner. They no doubt can smell the food and they want feeding too.

Below are my favourite tips for a well behaved cat.

Feed your kitten or cat at the same time of day in the same spot. You can have a mixture of canned foods or dry biscuits. Check the quantity needed for the age or size of your cat on the packaging. I have found my cats do very well on less than the recommended amount and I’ve often wondered if this ‘suggested amount’ is overstated so you purchase more of their product.

If you have a kitten, plan a time each day for playing and games. Continue this ‘play time’ even when your cat is an adult. They will still enjoy it and I’m sure you will too. We generally tend to play with kittens much more than adult cats as kittens love playing as it teaches them life skills. Having a set time each day, perhaps when the children come home from school or when you get home from work will give your kitten or cat something to look forward to and will do wonders for bonding.

If you plan to bathe your cat, it will be much easier if this is started while it is still a kitten. Your adult cat will be much easier to bathe if you have always done this. Trying to introduce an adult cat to the bath usually ends in scratches and a cat that won’t trust you. Make it part of the weekly routine.

Grooming is something that most cats love. Of course there are the exceptions to the rule but if you groom long haired cats daily and short haired ones twice a week, they will learn to accept it. I find grooming a pleasure while I’m watching TV at the end of the day. My cats are relaxed as they have been played with and fed and it’s time for brushing or perhaps a massage while they take it in turns to sit on my lap. Of course sometimes they need encouragement to move off so the other cat can move on.

Massage is another activity that can become part of a weekly routine. Cassie will sit on the arm of my chair when she wants a massage then curl up on my lap when she’s had enough.

After a few weeks or months of doing this, your cat will be in a well established routine and will have developed its own routine for what it wants to do. This includes finding a comfy place to curl up for a cat nap or stretching itself out on the climbing post. I find that Cassie will come and talk to me most mornings when I start work and after a few minutes of stroking her and talking to her, she’ll happily jump on my bed for some sleep. And at around 6.30 each night she will be sitting quietly next to her food bowl, just waiting to be fed.

We have our routines so why shouldn’t our cat. And by establishing these routines as early as possible, you’ll have a very well behaved and well trained cat that is a joy to have around.