Protect Your Cat For Cat Food Fillers

Many cat owners know that cheaper cat foods may be less healthy for their pets. After all, there is always a reason why something is cheap. The more expensive pet food is usually filled with the nutrients that our pets need to grow and live happy and healthy lives. What many of you are unaware of is that many cheaper brands of cat foods aren’t just lacking in nutritional value but they can even be dangerous for your pet to consume.

In order to make their food cheaper, certain pet food manufacturers will add fillers. These fillers have no value what so ever. They can even have a negative effect on your pet’s health. Fillers can not be digested properly by your pet. This is why, you may have noticed, that your cat produces more frequent bowel movements when they eat lower quality cat food. This is all due to the added fillers.

It is bad enough that these fillers provide no health value what so ever but they can also cause health problems in your cat. Cheaper cat food brands have been known to cause kidney related problems, digestive track issues and urinary track infections in male cats. This means that it is simply not worth it, just to save a few bucks on pet food. Do whats right for your cat. Make sure that you aren’t poisoning them with their own food. Know what you are feeding them. Make sure you check the ingredients in the cat food that you buy and protect your cat from having any pet food related health problems down the road.