Premium Clumping Cat Litter and Scoopable Cat Litter

If you did not know it, clumping is a major factor influencing your choice of a cat litter. You should look for a premium clumping cat litter. Do you know the meaning of this? You probably do not know. Any brand that many customers consider reputable makes premium quality cat litters for easy clumping. The main benefit you get is trouble-free maintenance and cleaning. This is particularly good if you do have adequate time to clean the kitty’s urine and feces. The type of litter you are willing to buy may influence the clumping feature.

If you plan to buy flushable, clumping is not a very necessary factor. This is because you need the litter that can break apart quickly so that you could flush it down the toilet. The natural litter ensures that quick clumping of the feces occurs for easy scooping. Examples of these include the paper, orange peel, wood, wheat chuff, and grass and peanut shells. Another type of a scoopable cat litter such as silica, and crystal cat litters have high moisture absorption rate.

You must select the best type of premium clumping cat litter if this characteristic is important to you. The clumping occurs because of the cat’s urine and you should scoop out the clumps. The clump forms easily if you are using clay litter as well. It has a high absorption rate of about 75 to 100% of its weight in moisture. The only problem with clay is wetness. All cats detest stepping on mud or wet soil with their paws. Soon or later, your cat will refuse to use its clay litter.

Clay and sand are older types of scoopable cat litters but they are not preferable. The cat loves soft texture with little or no bad odor. To remove the bad smell from the litter, always try to scoop out the kitty’s clumpy filth. If you keep cats as pets, you know that they prefer sandy textured litter of scooping nature. This type is easier on his or her paw pads. Do not let the cheap price deceive you. Such cheap litters are normally harder to scoop because they break apart simply. Natural litter, which you could make at home, is okay but not very preferable. Your cat may not love it.

Usually, cats do not like sudden change of a scoopable cat litter. It will need some sort of potty training to accept the new texture and smell of the new natural litter. Experts recommend buying a completely new litter box when you want to change the cat litter. One way of training the cat to start using its new poop box is using the old feces or urine. When choosing the premium clumping litters, be sure to avoid perfumed types. Fragrances might smell good to you but repel the cats. You can shop for the scoopable litters on the Internet. Many vendors outline the product benefits for you. You should certainly visit a site like Amazon and check different cat supplies.