Pet Allergies – Dogs And Cats Constantly Itching And Scratching?

Is your dog or cat constantly itching and scratching? Do you see flaky skin or pet dander lying about their bedding and in the house? Is there an unpleasant odor? Does your pet have thinning hair or leaving hair on the floor and the carpet? Does your dog constantly lick his paws?

Your dog or cat has allergies. I would also add sneezing to the questioning list. My dog sneezes.

It does not matter what state you live in as every state produces irritants which will cause allergy symptoms in our pets. The allergy causing agents may be from the soil, plants and grasses, air, food, and water.

If you can control or eliminate the causes for the allergies from these sources your pets will bless you.

Allergy relief suggestions:

Change the types of foods and log how your pet reacts until you solve the food allergy. Food allergies could be caused by wheat, rice, corn, additives, preservatives, artificial coloring and flavoring, by-products and many more.

Bathe your pet two or three times a week with colloidal oatmeal and cool water to ease itching skin. I have always been told not to bathe a dog too often because of the need for oils in their skin and on their coat. An exception will need to be made in order to bring relief to your pet.

There are topical anti-itching agents or other allergy products which can be bought over the counter or allergy medicines purchased from your veterinarian. Sometimes allergy shots may be necessary. But again, note pet reactions and check for side effects. You will need to measure the choice of treatment against negative side effects.

Supplements can be mixed with their foods. Once again note changes. For instance, fish oil is one of the natural recommendations; however, I found my dog, Brandy, did not tolerate the fish oil. It was recommended that I try flaxseed. I will give Brandy flaxseed and note the results.

Groom your pet. Brush or comb their coat. Pet your dog or cat to bring comfort to their irritated feelings.

Having seen how natural foods and natural treatments have helped my dog to solve his skin and respiratory allergy conditions I am all for this type of pet care. If you are having allergy problems with your pets and wish to lower the vet bills, you may want to consider the natural road to better and less costly pet care.