Litter Box Aversion – Why Has My Cat Stopped Using the Litter Box?

A common problem among cat owners is when your cat starts to avoid the litter box. This will lead to inappropriate elimination and it will test the patience of even the most understanding cat lover. In many instances, the cat is surrendered to an animal shelter out of frustration. From there on out, the cat’s future is bleak. Adoption is unlikely due to his urinating problem and euthanasia will likely be the result. The sad thing is that his behavior can be easily fixed and the cat doesn’t need to face life in a shelter. Adjusting and changing the kitty box can often stop inappropriate urination.

A dirty litter box will be dissatisfying and unhygienic for your cat. If he is unhappy with his box, he will go to other areas of your home to relieve himself. This is obviously vexing to the cat owner but the issue can be easily rectified with daily cleaning of the sandbox. It only takes five minutes of your time, yet it can save you much aggravation and money spent on cleaning products.

A cat that avoids the litter box will do so for one of two reasons. It’s either a medical issue or a behavioral problem. Consulting your veterinarian should be your first cause of action. A healthy checkup means that the cat is reacting to something in your home. The kitty box is something that affects your cat’s health and attitude. It is central to your cats happiness and health.

There are several things that can influence your cat’s attitude to his litter box. First and foremost is cleanliness. A dirty or smelly box will make your cat want to stay clear. The actual litter pan may be the problem. Most of them are too limited for your average adult cat. The larger boxes are more inviting as they give extra room to move around. Lastly, the type of litter used may be what is offending your cat. You should use unscented, scoopable clay litter. Cats dislike perfumes and strong scents. So avoid anything that is scented to control odor. If it is cleaned daily, the litter box will not smell. Changing and a thorough cleaning can help you beat the problem of litter box aversion.