Keeping Your Cat From Destroying Your Houseplants

From your cat’s point of view, plants and cats are a natural together. The leaves are great for nibbling, and if their is enough room in the pot (it does not take much room), then the soil will make a good alternative to a litter box. Unfortunately, people do not see things the same way as their cat does.

The key to a peaceful coexistence between cats and houseplants is to give your cat a garden of his own, and at the same time, make the rest of your plants as undesirable or as hard to get into as possible.

Some plants you can grow for your kitty garden are catnip, valerian, alfalfa, rye, wheat, parsley, and thyme. These are cat-friendly plants, of which are loved by most of our feline friends. Keeping these types of fresh greens growing takes care of your cat’s need to nibble.

Here are some tips on how to keep your houseplants safe from kitty:

– Make the pots as unattractive as possible. Place foil or plastic carpet runners with the pointed-side up under the pots to discourage your cat from getting to them. Put decorative rock over the soil to discourage digging in the pot.

– Make the plants taste bad. Putting Tabasco sauce or Bitter Apple on the leaves will make your cat think twice about munching on those plants.

– Convert all of your plants to the hanging variety. This strategy is the most effective for keeping plants untouched around a leaf-chewing cat.

As for plants that are toxic to your cat, do not even keep them in your house. If he were to get by your deterrent, you could end up with a very sick (or worse) cat.