Is Communication With Your Cat Possible?

Proper communication with your cat is possible. Cats are intelligent creatures and although they cannot express themselves with words they can communicate with body language and sounds. These signs of communication are consistent throughout the species.

Did you know when a cat says “meow” it is directed at a human not another cat. This means your fury friend is trying to communicate with you. Perhaps your cat is glad to see you or desires a treat. This is a cats way of getting your attention. This is good as long as it does not get to excessive. This might develop into a habit where there cat starts to “meow” during the night thus disturbing you sleep. That would not be good for health. Pay attention to you cat during the day, especially before you leave the house and after you return from work. Give you cat attention when they need it. You will sleep better and you cat will be much happier.

Did you know cats use as many as sounds to communicate with humans. This may seem limited to the thousands of voice sounds humans make but sounds they make are very meaningful to them. However if they can get their point across using certain types of body language.

If your cat starts pawing at you leg she or he is definitely seeking you attention. This type of communication can also be seen among dogs as they will jump on you seeking attention and wanting to go for a walk after you have come home from work.

Understanding how you cat is communicating with you will also be good for their health. Sometimes a cat is trying to communicate with you that she or he wants to go for a walk. Taking your cat for a walk is good for their health and yours. Perhaps your cats needs to have the kitty litter changed. This would be good for your cat’s health and possibly yours. Perhaps your cat is trying to tell you a rival cat or dog is near by. Dogs will also warn you if a rival dog is near by or some type of danger is near by barking. The barking noise your dog makes will be very distinct as well as any voice noises your cat makes.

There are many resources on the internet that can teach how communicate with your fury friend such as a cat or dog. These resources can be free but others will you to purchase the information. Some of these resources can be purchased in you local book store or found in you home town library.

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