How to Manage Bad Cat Behavior

The issue of bad cat behavior is something that every cat owner has to encounter sometime. It is very natural for cats to misbehave. We must not forget that they are animals after all and have the tendency to go wild anytime. It is interesting to know that most of the cats are wild by nature. You can do an experiment by letting your cat be free for a while outside the street; it will act almost similar to stray cats. It will chase mice, hunt doves and do all sorts of things and shock you as if it were never tamed or trained.

Like all cats, your cat may also scratch things in the house, however, the solution for this is definitely not declawing. Declawing your cat for its bad behavior is the worst thing and solution; it is nothing but barbarianism! Instead of doing this hideous act, you can do a few other things to stop this bad behavior. In the present epoch, there are a number of other alternatives to this. The list of solutions includes training courses, professional tips and guidance, tricks, scratching posts or pads. All these ways can help you to stop your cat from creating a mess within or outside your home.

Cat declawing is almost like chopping the fingers off so that the nails may never grow! It is an inhuman act and should never be carried out. In this present world where we talk to humanism and modernism, every living thing has rights to be free. Cat declawing is a heinous treatment since it implies to remove almost half of its feet, not only the claw. The claw may not grow again once it removed from the paw. It destroys the cat for its whole life and inflict great pain and suffering unto it.

Rather than declawing, it is better not to keep a cat if you are too concerned about the well being of your furniture, as animals can go wild anytime. However, you can minimize the chances of such bad behaviors by making your cat undergo proper training and taming.