How to Keep Your Cat From Killing Houseplants

One problem with keeping cats is that they may spoil some of your favorite house plants. Moreover, many houseplants are poisonous to cats and you must be vigilant about it before it is too late. It is advisable that you take precautionary measures about it before you end up running to the vet for its urgent treatment which may cost you heavily. You should tackle this situation before hand and manage these plants. You also need to identify as to which plants are poisonous to cats and which are not so that you do not have to worry unnecessarily in case if you possess nonpoisonous houseplants.

You need to follow certain steps in order to stop your cat from consuming poisonous house plants. First of all, you should place the plants in an area which is not accessible to your cat. However, it is but a difficult thing to do since cats can a climb almost anything and reach everywhere they feel like. They are known as great climbers and jumpers of all domestic animals. Yet, you can place your house pants in hanging baskets or areas which are not easy to reach like high selves, cupboards and bookshelves.

You can also provide your cat with some safer alternatives like grass or small safe plants with which they can play or chew on. You can also put some spray on those plants that you do not want your cat to consume. You can put bad odors on them like bitter apple or Tabasco sauce, but this can prove to be a little risky since your cat may get it in its fur and end up putting it in its eye.

Another way to avoid your cat eating these plants is to get its attention towards many toys so that it remains busy playing with them. Cats are curious by nature and always looking for new things. For this reason, frequent change in toys can keep it busy.

These tips will surely help you to keep your cat away from the injurious plants.