How Often Should You Feed Your Cat?

There is no single correct answer to the question of how often your cat should be fed. How many times you feed your cat daily is really up to you. As well as your cat, to a degree.

Kittens can be free fed. As much as they want, when they want. Though obviously that approach only works with dry food. With wet food, kittens under 6 months should probably be fed three times a day. They’re growing fast and need a lot of nutrients to do it!

Free feeding adult cats is generally not a great plan. Combining indoor cats with free feeding pretty much guarantees a weight problem.

First you need to determine how much food your cat should be consuming in a day. Most cat food manufacturers will include feeding guidelines on their products, but these are just that – guides. Some foods are more dense than others, and the usual weight/age ratio used in these guidelines isn’t always correct. If you’re unsure, establishing how much food your cat actually needs can be more accurately determined by you and your vet. Ask for their input.

Once you’ve decided how much food your cat will be served per day, you can map out a schedule that works best for you and your cat. You can serve it all at once, or split it up into as many smaller meals as you like. Once a day feeding is generally fine for an adult cat if that works best for you and them. But some cats are grazers, preferring lighter meals more often, and you may need to accommodate that.