Great Toys For Cats

The choice of toys available for your cat these days is vast, and is a booming market. We all want to treat our kitty’s from time to time, but is it really worth spending so much money? Cats can be compared to children, in that they go through phases and get bored easily. There are a few suggestions here for appropriate toys that won’t cost the earth.

Cat towers are both fun and educational. It teaches them that that is where they are allowed to climb, which means a lot less wear and tear on your curtains and blinds. These come in various heights from a couple of stories up to the height of the ceiling.

A stuffed mouse is a perennial favorite and it’s easy to see why. They can throw them, chew them and bash them around to their heart’s content. There are various kinds of stuffed mice and by process of elimination you will find your cat’s favorite.

Toys containing catnip are also very popular. Although the presence of the cat nip can get your kitty in very high spirits, they will tire quicker. Giving them it to play with before bedtime will keep them asleep at the same time as you. You shouldn’t give them the catnip toys regularly, as they can develop a kind of addiction which makes them badly behaved and bad tempered. Once in a while is safe, but certainly not every day.

Old stuffed toys that your kids have grown out of are great for cats and cost you nothing. The fun is where they are battling a toy much bigger than them and the entertainment value is priceless. Have these toys at your disposal and you will have a very happy cat.