Fun Toys For Cats

Cats naturally amuse themselves, and we have all laughed at our cat’s antics as they chase their tails or attack a slipper. Bearing this is mind; I personally wouldn’t spend a lot of money on a cat toy that they will probably be bored with an hour later.

When it comes to cat toys, you need to imagine you are dealing with a small child. They are very fickle and get bored very quickly. Here are a few ideas for the best toys to get.

If you are having problems with your cat trying to climb your curtain and running the fabric, get your kitty a cat tower. Your cat will love this and you can get them in all different heights and styles so your cat will be amused for hours.

Most cats, when they catch small prey like a mouse, will simply play with it until it dies. Stuffed mice are an ideal toy as it replicates nature. You can buy these in packs of 3 or 12, and the most popular is made of leather and has fur and a long tail.

We’ve all come done in the mornings to discover that our precious pussy has left a trail of destruction. You really need your cat to sleep through the night like you do, so introducing a catnip toy before you go to bed will give your cat a burst of energy which is quickly spent and he will sleep through the night too.

What the manufacturers of catnip toys don’t tell you is that giving them to your cat every day can have adverse effects on their moods and overall behavior. Use these toys sparingly so a dependency doesn’t develop.

If you have a pile of stuffed toys that your children don’t care bout anymore, don’t put them in the trash, give them, one a time, to your cat. The antics of these frisky felines trying to prove their superiority over a large toy is absolutely hysterical.

By giving your cat the opportunity to play with these toys, he will have a lot of fun.