Feline Kidney Disease Treatments

Working with your vet to find feline kidney disease treatments that work is important. What is best for your cat though will depend on what the diagnosis is since there are different stages of kidney disease. The goal is to prevent it from progressing to another stage. With the right types of treatment and your dedication to caring for your pet you can ensure that it doesn’t.

Your cat may be dehydrated and not getting enough nutrients. This is why your vet may recommend starting with some IV fluids to get your cat stronger. The length of time for this can depend on how severe the kidney disease is. If your cat isn’t taking in fluids well then regular IV treatments you can administer at home may be necessary.

Medications may be given to treat any infection that has been discovered. What will be prescribed often depends ion the medical problems of your cat. When kidney disease is present there can be other medical issues that arise. They will need to be addressed as well for overall treatment to work. The body may not be able to process oral medications due to the kidney disease. This could mean you or the vet have to inject them on a regular basis.

To help the body get the vitamins and nutrients necessary, dietary changes have to be implemented. The addition of liquid supplements to ensure the body is processing enough of those necessary items is also important. Make sure you only offer quality vitamin supplements or your cat won’t benefit from them like they should.

The diet needs to be high in protein due to the body pushing so much of it back out. By increasing the amount of it more will be used by the body for energy and to derive vitamins and nutrients from. Wet foods are going to be digested easier than dry foods. Your vet can recommend some high quality foods to feed your cat instead of most that are offered from retailers.

To save money but also give your cat the right nutrients you may want to consider making the food at home. You will also want to offer small meals several times a day. This will reduce the work the kidneys have to do at once. It will also help the body to absorb more of what is taken in.

As a last resort, the discussion of dialysis to help cleanse the body of toxins may need to be in order. This can help the cat to continue to survive with a lower than normal kidney functioning level. A kidney transplant is possible but the procedure is risky and also very expensive.

When it comes to feline kidney disease treatments, make sure you understand what your vet is talking to you about. Being well informed about treatment options is going to help you make the best decision. You may wish to explore the various types of natural remedies as well. They can offer your cat treatment that can work for them too.