Fat Cats – Cat Food Weight Loss

Even cats can get obese so if you own a feline pet, make sure you maintain it in its proper weight or feed it with the proper cat food weight loss treatment. Cat food weight loss can be tricky especially if you do not know about a cat’s nutritional needs, so here are some tips on how you can make your cat shed off those extra pounds so it can remain healthy and live longer.

Risks of obesity in cats

Cat obesity is more common than you think and this problem can easily lead to Hepatic Lipidosis, arthritis, diabetes, and other health disorders. Making them lose weight should be planned carefully and it starts with their food.

The food

Cats are carnivorous mammals and they usually get a lot of their needed vitamins and minerals from all sorts of meat and fish. Cat food weight loss starts with their food intake. If you give too much food to your cat, it tends to eat everything you present. This is called “free choice feeding” because your cat eats whenever it wants to just because the food is already presented to it .


Only give portions of food for your cat you believe is enough to keep him full for a particular meal time. Do not leave the food unattended on the dish. A typical cat meal should only be around 1/25 the size of a human meal. Furthermore, as an owner, measure your cat’s food based on ounces and not by cups.


Because natural selection did not intend cats to become carb-eaters they can also get fat by eating too much carbohydrates. Unlike dogs and humans, they do not have the enzyme called Amylase in their saliva and in they only have a small amount of that same enzyme in their intestines so their chances of getting fatter are bigger. Therefore, as a responsible cat owner, be mindful of the intake of carbohydrates of your kitty because it is another step for cat food weight loss.

All the necessary food

Feed them enough portions of meat and fish. Popular cat food brands like Whiskas, Purina, and Friskies have canned cat foods that come in small sizes that are already enough for one feeding. For more information on how you can feed your cat right, consult with the vet.