Common Cat Behavior Problems

The domesticated cat has evolved from wild animals and because of this your cat can sometimes have behavior problems. Litter box problems, spraying and aggressive behavior are a few of the problems cat owners can encounter. These problems can be very frustrating for even the most loving cat owners. Those reasons alone can cause one to take their cat to an animal shelter to only be adopted by an unsuspecting new owner.

Cats will sometimes refuse to use their litter box. This could be caused by a medical condition, stress or if the box is not cleaned often enough. Aggression is another problem cats can have. This could appear as aggressive behavior towards another cat or toward its owner. Some cats will bite their owners just to get attention. Some bite while your playing with them because they have not learned that they can hurt you if they play to rough. Male cats spraying is a very annoying problem. This can be caused by them wanting to mark their territory or by getting aroused if they even see other cats out the window. Spraying can also occur if you’ve recently moved to a new home and your cat is unfamiliar with its surroundings. Having new guests in your home or a new baby can also trigger this behavior. Discovering the cause of the problem helps to quickly resolve the bad behavior. Another common problem many cat owners have with their cats is them waking them up so early to disturb their much needed rest. Cats take many cat naps during the day so they may be wanting to play with you when your trying to get those last few winks before the alarm clock goes off. A very simple way to stop this is to keep them up later in the evenings playing with them so they sleep longer in the mornings. After a couple of weeks they’ll be on their new schedule.

Most cat behavioral problems can be solved when you can identify why they are behaving that way. Having a stable environment for your pet and spending play time with them will help to prevent problems.