Choosing Cat Litter That Will Keep You and Your Cat Happy

The types of cat litter boxes and the material that you can use in these boxes can sometimes be a little confusing. It is recommended that you have a box per cat in your household and even if your feline companion is mostly outdoors, you should still provide a litter box in the house. Also ensure that the container is big enough for kitty to squat comfortably.

Basically, there are 7 types of litter that you can use:


This will only mask smells and the chemicals used are often too strong and can cause irritation to sensitive paws. This is an expensive option as well.


This kind will last for a long time and is economical. The downside is that it is an unpleasant job to wash and to get it dry enough again for use.

Paper pellets or wood pellets

The most expensive but the most user-friendly of all. It effectively absorbs moisture and smell and does not stain carpets.

Shredded newspaper

An inexpensive option that is easy to find. This is not recommended though as the ink from wet newspaper can be toxic if the cat licks his paws after using the litter box.

Silica sand crystals

This litter absorbs moisture and odors quickly and effectively but is expensive and a mission to clean up if it ends on a floor or a carpet.

Garden soil

The only good thing is that it is free and easy to find. The problem with this type is that there might be unwanted pests in the soil and it makes a terrible mess.

Sand-based or clay

This is an inexpensive option that absorbs moisture but does not absorb odors. It also leaves a big mess when wet.