Cat Urinating Outside Litter Box? – Solutions to Cat Litter Box Problems

If your cat is urinating outside the litter box, there is a good reason for this. Kittens learn from their mothers to use a litter box, and once they have this habit if they stop using it then it is important to find out why.

The cat is not doing this to be an annoyance or to get attention. Sadly many owners misinterpret it to be a behavior problem, and it’s one of the main reason why cats are brought into an animal shelter. One possible reason your pet may be doing this is because he or she could have a urinary tract infection or blockage. If this is the case, the animal will require urgent care from a vet. It will be painful for the pet to empty the bladder. As a result, they will associate the pain with the box, which is why you will find they are eliminating somewhere else.

If your cat has seen a vet and this has been ruled out, then you need to think of other possible causes. Felines are very sensitive to smells, and if you use a litter with a scent that could be the problem. Try using an unscented brand and see if that helps. In addition if the cat has been under a lot of stress, this could be the reason why they aren’t using the litter box. An example would be a recent move, or perhaps a new baby brought into the house.

Felines like privacy. The litter box should be kept in a place that is away from others, yet easy for him or her to access, particularly if it is elderly. As they age they may develop arthritis or other problems, so be sure its in a spot that is easy for them to get in and out of. Finally, remember cats things to be clean. You wouldn’t want to use a dirty washroom, and your pet doesn’t want to either.