Cat Trees Are One Way Of Keeping Cat From Boredom

There’s ample research to indicate that cats who spend their lives entirely indoors live much longer than their outdoors-only counterparts. But keeping an indoor cat happy and content as well as healthy means providing more than just good nutrition and regular veterinary care. Pet parents must also enrich their cat’s lives and environment. Eliciting a cat’s natural, instinctive behaviors with hunting and foraging games can do wonders for your companion’s well-being. Cat trees seem like a great all-in-one solution, but there are also other ideas.

With a little creativity and moderate expense, you can keep your cat stimulated and interested, even in a small apartment and on a limited budget. The good news is that enrichment research has shown that toys which are removed and later returned after several weeks regain much of their original novelty; extend your enrichment budget by rotating your cat’s toys regularly. Get started with a few of these feline friendly activities like cat trees, but begin slowly and be sure to get a thumbs up from kitty’s vet first.

Separate each day’s food rations into small batches. Place the clusters around the house and then toss a few small treats in random directions. This will encourage active foraging and keep kitty from scarfing down too much food too quickly.

Toss a few treats into a square bottle and leave it on the floor with the lid off for a great puzzle.

Leave a ping-pong ball in the bathtub and watch as your cat makes it sail around the curves during her hunt for the elusive orb.

Buy cat trees of various sizes and shapes, placing them around the living space. The ct trees provide your kitty with a place to hide and “get away from it all.” She can also use the cat trees as places to sleep.