Cat Training – 7 Tips And Tricks To Stop Bad Cat Behavior

Most cat lovers know the saying “Dogs have masters but cats have staff.” Cats just seem to know by nature that they are in charge. With a bit of training, you can teach them to share their dominion with you.

It’s always a great feeling when our cat rubs against our legs, purring and asking for attention (or food, that is). But sometimes, problems arise in a cat’s household. Here are a few tips and tricks in dealing with cat behavior:

1. Your kitten is a fastidious eater?

Mix some coffee cream in the food.

2. Your cat jumps on the counter?

Buy some rubber mats and put them on the counter, rubber side up. When the cat jumps, the mats will slide and your cat will jump down.

3. Your cat digs in indoor plants?

Sprinkle a tiny bit of cayenne pepper in the soil.

4. Your cat sprays the walls or corners in the house?

Clean the afflicted spots and dab them with lemon or vinegar essence or sweet perfume that you do not use for yourself. Use detergents that are free from ammoniac, since the cat´s urine contains this substance and prompts it to urinate anew.

5. Your cat ignores the scratching post?

When you catch your cat scratching the couch instead of the scratching post, take a spray bottle with water and sprinkle your cat a bit. Bring it to the scratching tree and reward it with a treat.

6. Your pet doesn’t use the cat litter box?

Maybe the box is too close to the cat’s food or it doesn’t like the smell of the cat litter.

7. Your cat stopped using the litter box?

When a cat starts to become unclean, this is an alarm signal and you should consult your vet to exclude a health problem like cystitis, uroliths or diabetes.