Cat Furniture – What Cat Post Should I Choose?

If you have a cat or if you are planning to keep a cat as a pet, then sooner or later you are going to find that your cat is always scratching on your furniture. This is an innate behavior that cats have, usually for many different reasons but most importantly and uniquely for grooming purposes. Yes, even cats groom themselves and through scratching, they get to remove the top layer of their claws to allow the new layer to grow. If you don’t like the cat scuffing on your furniture, the best solution would be to lure it away from your furniture. Believe me, scratch posts can work the magic for you.

They are readily available in most pet stores. These scratch posts, activity centers and cat trees will go a long way in encouraging this natural behavior and in essence getting the cat away from your furniture. Color, design and the size of the cat tree to purchase is mostly determined by your budget and the space available. Many pet stores make sure that they stock with a range of these items to ensure that their customers get their preferred taste as well as an opportunity to care of this menace on their furniture.

Online pet stores are also on the forefront in providing scratch poles for pet owners. Pet Smart, an online pet store, has made shopping for pet`s products and accessories a lot more easier and convenient. At Pet Smart you can order for your desired design and be assured that it will be delivered to you in due time while free shipping is also available for orders of $60 or more. Most of the scratch posts sold in this store range between $85 and $200 and going through the pictures in their website you will find some pretty ones that are definitely worth your money.

Another pet store that operates online is Pets at Home. This pet store is one of the largest pet shops in the United Kingdom and it specializes in pet supplies and pet insurance. At Pets at Home, you will find a suitable scratch post for cats at amazingly friendly prices ranging between £10 and £100. You can make your order from anywhere and be assured that your product will get to you safely and as fast as possible.

Cats Play, a cats furniture store, is another place you can purchase a scratch posts or a cat tree for your cat. At this store, you will find the most amazing posts that are made of different materials for as cheap as $30. Amazon also has a listing of the best sellers in cat trees and activity centers and you can easily identify one that you wish to buy and make an order from there. At amazon, you can discover the best scratch post for your cat and get exactly what you need to keep your cat busy and playful in your home.

It is quite easy to find scratch post for cats. Nevertheless, make sure that you know what you need. Since design, material and size determines the price, strike a balance in your choices on the three things, but do not compromise on the size. The pole should be long enough and the base wide to withstand the pressure of the cats body weight.