Cat Food Allergies – Signs and Symptoms That Your Cat is Allergic to the Food You Are Giving It

You cannot exactly tell you that you are giving him or her the wrong type of food. In fact, your cat may not realize how the food that he or she is eating is making him or her uncomfortable. According to studies, cat food allergies is very common among cats in the country. There are many types of cat food being sold in the market today that does not really sit well the stomach of some cats. Most of these foot that cause allergies are meat based products such as those that are made out of beef. In some cases, it containing fish and dairy products could also make your cat sick.

Since your cat will not be able to tell you that the food you are giving him or her is making him or her sick, you better be alert to the signs and symptoms of food allergies. You quick attention to the condition of your cat may well save his or her life.

Signs and Symptoms

Allergies may be manifested in the dryness and flaking of your cat’s skin. If you notice that your cat has flakes and that it constantly scratching itself in some parts of its body, it would be wise for you to investigate the cause of this behavior. Experts believe that there are certain ingredients that can cause allergies that may lead to balding of your cat. If you don’t want your cat to lose its beautiful coat, you better switch to another type of food and see what happens. In most cases, cat allergies symptoms disappear once you discontinue giving your cat something that caused the allergies.

Another sign of cat food allergies is the loss of appetite on your cat. In some cases, you cat may experience irritable bowel syndrome where your cat will have loose stools or constipation. If you notice that your cat is less active that he or she used to be, observe your cat for a day and note the way he or she defecates. If your cat does not eat much, strains when passing stool or pass loose stool, you should take your cat to the vet at once. Cat food allergies can have some serious on some cats so make sure that your cat is okay by taking it to the vet immediately.