Cat Boosters – Don’t Neglect Them Just Because Your Cat is an Indoor Cat

Cat boosters and vaccinations have the job of defending your cat from diverse disorders that they may come into contact with over the course of their lifetime. This includes things like distemper or rabies. Cats are also susceptible to various respiratory illnesses too. Since these diseases can all be very difficult remedy, and some are even impossible to treat and can cause the death of your pet. Do you really need cat boosters for your pet?

It is always a good idea to use cat boosters on your pet, especially for cats that never go outside. Many people think that it is only outdoor cats that require immunization. They mistakenly believe that just outdoor cats come into contact with bacteria or disease. However, cats that spend most of their time indoors will often lose their natural immune system, because there are no bacteria to keep it strong. If your cat does get outside somehow, and has no natural immunity, he or she will be more likely to pick up an illness. Even if your cat does not get outside, some viruses are air born and your cat could get them that way. In addition, you can bring in disease on the bottoms of your shoes or even on your clothing.

It is also a risk that a cat that lives outside will get into the space your cat spends time in, spreading the disease or contaminating areas of your home with viruses. Cat boosters work by introducing a very mild strain of the disease into the body of your cat. Your cat’s immune system will jump into action to produce the necessary antibodies to fight the virus. This way, if your cat comes into contact with this virus again, their bodies will fight off the tougher strain of the virus.

A single vaccination does not ensure that your cat will be immune to that disease for a lifetime. However, getting annual booster shots will help keep them protected from these potentially deadly viruses. Cats should have their first vaccination at the age of six to twelve weeks.

Cat boosters are a great way to maintain premium health in your pet. You will help your cat stay protected from those viruses that could cause them a lot of problems, and possibly even death. If you love your pet, you owe it to them to have them vaccinated for those diseases they could catch in their lifetime.