Cat Back Exhausts For Your Bimmer

BMW owners who are seeking more power from their rides often turn to aftermarket parts to help them achieve their goals. Cat back exhaust systems (parts added in back of or behind the catalytic converter) are one method for doing just that, offering several important benefits along with more power. Let’s take a look at how a cat-back exhaust can enhance your 3-Series, 5-Series or other Bimmer vehicle. 

How A Cat Back Exhaust System Works 

Before choosing a cat back exhaust you need to understand exactly what you’re buying. Catbacks feature large width exhaust pipes and low restriction performance mufflers which help to lower exhaust  back pressure. They are better suited for your engine as they allow it to pump air freely with less interruption. In other words, more power is unloosed which means that horsepower will also increase. In addition, because your engine works more efficiently you may see a slight, but noticeable improvement in fuel economy. 

There are a number of quality cat back manufacturers who supply parts for BMW, Audi, Mercedes and other high end European brands. Borla, for example, is considered to be the industry leader and therefore the trend setter when it comes to the manufacturer and design of cat back systems. 

Airliner Quality Stainless Steel 

Top of the line cat back systems are made from the same grade of stainless steel used to build airliners, which means that these parts can stand the test of time and all sorts of adverse conditions. Indeed, the advantage of choosing a cat back system extends beyond more power, improved fuel mileage and even its throaty note – with a lifetime or million mile guarantee, you’ll more than likely never need to purchase an exhaust system again. Yes, you’ll pay more for a cat back system, but you get more out of it over the long term. Besides, when it comes time to sell your car, buyers will pay a premium with one that is cat-back equipped. 

When shopping for the system, you’ll want to buy from a supplier who specializes in these types of systems. Some new car dealers stock these parts while buyers have had success shopping at their local auto parts store. The internet has allowed many stores to set up shop online while some manufacturers will sell their parts directly to the customer.  

Shop Online For Quality Car Parts 

Concerning online shopping, always know from whom you are buying your parts, shop only on a secured website, and deal with a company who offers customer service through a toll free number, online chat or contact form. Lots of offshore stores have popped up in recent years – good luck with getting the help that you need! Lastly, familiarize yourself with product and company return policies as well as guarantees. 

A cat back exhaust system could be the best investment you make for your BMW, yielding more power, better fuel economy and an enjoyable note for your ride.