All Natural Cat Food – What Are the Important Points?

All natural cat food is the basis of good health for your cat. When you consider that cats have been evolving for millions of years on their natural diet, it means that they system is perfectly adapted to this diet. Any deviation from such a diet will inevitably create health problems in your cat.

Man has been tampering with commercial cat food for a few decades. Couple this relative inexperience with the fact that humans know little about the complexities of food and it is little wonder that cats health is on the decline.

It is not possible to exactly duplicate a wild cat’s diet, but as long as you follow the basic concepts, the slight deviation will not have much of an impact.

Here are the essential points to consider when feeding your cat.

1. Cats are true carnivores. This means protein should form about 80% of their diet.

2. The food must be high quality. A cat will hunt an active, healthy animal. Feeding your cat low quality food will give her a low quality life.

3. Cooking destroys essential nutrients and alters protein. The fear that feeding raw food gives your cat worms or harms her in any way is false. Raw foods digests easily and quickly which prevents worm proliferation.

4. Protein needs calcium to properly digest. Both are found together in a cat’s natural prey. Small bones are not only important for proper digestion and balanced nutrition, they are also important for keeping your cat’s teeth clean and gums massaged. They need to form about 20% of the diet.

5. It’s important to keep the balance of organ meat to muscle meat in natural proportion.

You are unlikely to get this balance and quality from a brand name. The best way is to make it yourself from basic ingredients. This means you have control over what you feed your cat. Although this may sound daunting and time consuming, it can quickly become routine.

Although some cats love to eat a variety of fruit and vegetable, this is generally not part of the diet. Add it as an extra for your cat if she enjoys it. I currently have a young cat who adores the dog’s grated pumpkin.