5 Ways to Treat Cat Bladder Infection at Home

They say that having a pet is like having a child and sometimes that really does ring true. Take cat bladder infection for example. If you let the infection spiral out of control and you rush your cat to the pet hospital at the last moment, you will probably be slapped with a bill of hundreds to thousands of dollars.

If you want to save yourself the money and the trouble, you should learn about home treatments and remedies for feline bladder infection. Here are 5 effective ways that you can treat the problem at home so a visit to the vet is unnecessary.

1. A cat bladder infection can be treated with the proper diet. Too many cats are being fed grain-based diets. Commercial cat food may be cheap but the sticker shock you’ll feel after taking your cat to the vet for treatment of bladder infection won’t make those initial savings worth it.

Give your cat protein-packed meals. Think about it. In the wild, cats eat mice and other little animals, not grains. Make sure your cat’s diet is the closest to natural as possible by feeding him raw, unprocessed food.

2. Feline bladder infection can be treated at home simply by ensuring that your cat is drinking enough water. Sufficient water intake is essential in treating bladder problems because without water, your cat’s urine will thicken and make it easier for bacteria to multiply. Help your cat detoxify and flush out bacteria by giving him enough water.

3. To treat cat bladder infection at home, reduce stress in your cat’s life. It might sound unusual but in the case of home treatment, it is essential to address all aspects of your cat’s lifestyle to aid in the healing process.

Stress can come from being left at home for too long, having too many cats living in the same household, or moving. Make your cat feel relaxed by designating an area of the house as his territory and spending quality time with him each day.

4. Give your cat cranberry juice. Just like with humans, cranberry juice is very helpful for urinary tract infections in cats because it prevents bacteria from adhering to the lining of the bladder and it acidifies the urine. Don’t give your cat the sugary cranberry juice that contains artificial ingredients. Make sure it is the 100% natural kind.

5. For home treatment of cat bladder infection and prevention of its recurrence, give your cat a homeopathic remedy. Homeopathy is very good because it actually helps your cat’s immune system fight off infection.

Bladder infections happen because your cat’s immune system is overtaken by bacteria. Homeopathic remedies contain gentle ingredients that strengthen your cat’s immunity. They also help to maintain a healthy bladder and urinary tract while promoting optimal urine flow.

Look for homeopathic remedies that contain ingredients like cantharis, uva ursi, and berberis vulgaris. They are known urinary tonics that are very efficient in promoting optimal bladder functioning.

In conclusion, follow these simple tips if you notice your cat suffering from the symptoms of a cat bladder infection. Better yet, make these simple treatments a part of your cat’s regular routine. By doing so, you can prevent him from suffering from urinary problems altogether and you won’t have to worry about those expensive visits to the vet anymore.