Top AI Stocks to Watch Out for in 2022

We can’t wait for any more technology. Even minor advances in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) send shock waves through online media and forums.

why not? A proponent like Cathy Wood has called artificial intelligence the “frontier of technology”. Technology can affect every aspect of our daily lives. It has really changed the way we connect with new people and participate online (social media). How we manufacture (robots), market and sell (e-commerce), play, entertainment (digital content), study, and travel (autonomous vehicles). Wood estimates that the impact of AI on nearly every industry will create market opportunities worth more than $80 trillion within the next 10 years.

AI can also be our single greatest ally in the fight against the climate crisis. In fact, a significant share of the market opportunities Wood hints at will lie in pushing the boundaries of efficiency and identifying more sustainable business models. In addition, AI will help us manage the damage caused by climate change, predict disasters more accurately, and improve them Climate Financeand planning for strong climate action.

From turning speech to text, to saving the planet. This is artificial intelligence for you. Given how unusually wide the market is, tech companies are investing billions in AI hardware and software to make breakthroughs — racing to the top. So, what are the winners? Here is the list.

Top AI stocks to watch out for in 2022

  • nvidia
  • Apple company
  • Inc
  • dead
  • the alphabet
  • Amazon
  • IBM
  • Microsoft

1. nvidia

Among the world’s most valuable companies, Nvidia is a leading designer and manufacturer of graphics processing units (GPUs) and system-on-chip units (SOCs) for the gaming, automotive, mobile, medical, and other high-performance industries.

Top AI stocks to watch in 2022
From turning speech to text, to saving the planet. This is artificial intelligence for you.

Nvidia has become a leader in AI and data science solutions with its expertise in designing processors – the brain of AI. AI models are trained by feeding them huge amounts of data, which is becoming increasingly graphical. The model then makes inferences by identifying patterns. Then he uses inferences to make predictions.

This is how machines learn — in dangerously simple terms.

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2. Apple

Forrest Gump’s “fruit company” is now the world’s most valuable by market capitalization. Apple is a designer and manufacturer of personal computers first. However, she is famous for her mobile device – iPhone.

What makes Apple special is that, unlike other manufacturers, it designs and manufactures its own chips. Apple also designs and builds its own operating systems, both for its phones and computers. And both systems feature Siri, a virtual assistant. In fact, all major Apple devices have Siri — Apple TV, iPad, Apple Watch, and HomePod.

Top AI stocks to watch in 2022
Apple is a designer and manufacturer of personal computers first. However, she is famous for her mobile device – iPhone.

Since Siri was launched in 2011, its range of intelligence has expanded exponentially. Today, I’m better able to process and understand natural language – not just English, but more than a dozen languages. But besides translating speech to text and performing everyday tasks, Apple has also made leaps and bounds in image processing. Deep learning is used to identify objects in photographs/images and display related information.

Moreover, Apple is now expected to disrupt the VR/AR market with its own headphones. It is also rumored to have a self-driving car in its plans. Both are used extensively for artificial intelligence.

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3. Inc is a leading provider of artificial intelligence software for enterprises. Its AI solutions help companies accelerate their digital transformation.

However,’s exceptional work with artificial intelligence has also been recognized by the US government. On December 9, the company announced a $500 million project with the US Department of Defense. While the number may come as a surprise, the admission is not. The company has already developed intelligent software for the US Air Force and US Space Command.

Top AI stocks to watch in 2022 reported strong numbers this month. Compared to the second quarter, its total revenue increased 41% to $58 million. She raised her contract with Baker Hughes to $495 million. It has also entered into a “strategic alliance with Google Cloud to allow the entire global Google Cloud sales and services to participate in the sale and service of the entire C3 AI family of applications,” CEO Thomas Siebel said.

Companies can deploy software solutions at any scale and across any infrastructure. The stock is as pure as an AI stock can get.

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4. Meta (formerly Facebook)

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger – the world’s most popular social media platform.

According to Meta, the platforms have, in total, more than 2 billion users. That’s an amazing number of people generating an amazing amount of data. And while that data was initially text and photographs, today it is video and even transactional. In the future, as its new name Meta suggests, its users will also create data in the metaverse – a virtual world hosted by Meta.

Top AI stocks to watch in 2022
According to Meta, the platforms have, in total, more than 2 billion users. That’s an amazing number of people generating an amazing amount of data.

In the metaverse, we will do everything we do in the real universe: work, play, shop, entertain, exercise. Which is why Meta is a great bet when it comes to AI. The company has one of the best teams in the world in AI research, and they can leverage their unlimited data to train and develop one of the best AI systems in the world.

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5. the alphabet

No list of the best stocks in AI would be complete without Alphabet, the parent company of Google.

Worth about $2 trillion, Google, like Meta, is expected to create one of the best artificial intelligence systems in the world. Thanks to Google Search – by far the most popular search engine in the world – Alphabet has access to a huge amount of data. Alphabet also owns YouTube, where nearly 5 billion videos are watched daily.

Top AI stocks to watch in 2022

While Google Trends and Analytics make heavy use of smart software and deep learning, Google’s AI is best known as the Google Assistant – the default assistant found on every Android mobile device and Google home devices. In theory, the assistant is identical to Siri. However, the former’s ability to process natural language and understand complex commands is considered the best.

Alphabet has also developed a supercomputer, and is now in the process of building a quantum computer. The AI ​​giant is also using its expertise to build a self-driving car.

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6. Amazon

Amazon is one of the stocks in AI to definitely look out for in 2022. The world’s leading retail company uses AI in nearly every aspect of its value chain.

Former CEO Jeff Bezos has always been vocal about the use of technology and how it can transform business across every layer and infrastructure. Amazon has been known to automate everything it finds that could be automated. The bots are deployed in their warehouses. Deep learning is used to recommend products and content on e-commerce and OTT platforms.

Top AI stocks to watch in 2022
Amazon is one of the stocks in AI to definitely look out for in 2022. The world’s leading retail company uses AI in nearly every aspect of its value chain.

Moreover, it automates tracking, email sending, and claims update. Now, with Alexa, Amazon’s rival to Siri and Google Assistant, it has also entered the smart home industry. And that’s what makes Amazon a great buy. Amazon creates and develops advanced artificial intelligence systems to solve a variety of problems, not just a few.

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7. IBM

IBM may not have become what one might expect in its heyday. But it remains a prominent provider of enterprise hardware, software, and other smart solutions. Let’s not forget that it was IBM that made one of the formative feats of AI when it built Watson – a weak AI that just so happened to beat humans in Jeopardy.

In fact, Watson is no longer a single pony, but over the course of two decades it has evolved into many comprehensive AI solutions on a large scale. Solutions empower businesses around the world across the spectrum, from healthcare and finance to education, marketing and information technology (IT). Watson Assistant provides communication solutions. Its Discovery platform enables high performance data analytics. Allows understanding of natural language and speech-to-text analytics for text and transcription.

Top AI stocks to watch in 2022

Worth just over $110 billion, IBM remains a solid buy. From process automation to drug synthesis and financial forecasting, IBM’s AI can become a world leader. Like Alphabet, it is also developing its own quantum computer.

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8. Microsoft

Most people associate Microsoft with Windows. And that’s fair. After all, Windows is the most widely used operating system in the world. However, Microsoft, which is worth over $2 trillion, does much more than that, both on and off Windows.

Microsoft has combined its operating system with its smart virtual assistant, Cortana, which uses deep learning to more accurately predict a user’s words and actions, and to perform complex voice commands. Microsoft is also relying on AI to improve its Azure cloud computing platform. They, for example, define models to run data centers more efficiently, automatically shifting the load from energy generated from non-renewable energy sources to energy generated from renewable energy sources.

Top AI stocks to watch in 2022
Microsoft, which is worth more than $2 trillion, does so much more, both on and off Windows.

As for all Big Tech members, AI is their biggest ally in achieving sustainability. In fact, Microsoft may be a step forward. The software giant is not only blindly following the project, but also investing to understand the consequences. An important part of its sustainability agenda is the development of ethical artificial intelligence. Microsoft, like Meta, is also betting on the VR/AR market. So pay attention.

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Top AI stocks to watch in 2022

And these are the stocks that will benefit the most from the AI ​​boom in 2022.

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