Small Business Marketing Trends for 2022 [Trends]

Yes, it is that time of year again. It’s time for a lot of people like me to listen to what we see on the horizon so that people like you are better prepared to respond to the coming shifts in marketing.

In many ways, I think real service posts like this one are about putting a name on things that people are already starting to feel. I don’t claim to have special knowledge of the future, I see things through a lens informed by the thousands of conversations I’ve had with business owners and influencers alike.

Of course, what I should do is take a look at what’s in the past year and give the result to myself, so let’s do it briefly.

This is what I predicted for 2021

· Attention becomes a survival mechanism It’s hard to quantify, but I think companies that have rethought most stages of the customer journey are the winners.

· Everything gets smaller – More personal, perhaps, not sure it’s smaller.

· AI becomes practical – This app is installed – You can’t build an app these days without using artificial intelligence.

· Investing in talent is back in style – I don’t know, the big resignation caused so much scrambling that I’m not sure the term investment is the right one

· Video becomes personal again – Sure video, including a one-to-one video, is hot, but I don’t think I’ve seen the explosion of audio as a personal.

· UX and SEO are hooked at the hip – Yes, another one that Google made real.

· Training classes swell – That still comes out of my mind, but I remain hopeful as I look at the change in how people, including marketing agencies, position their business.

After doing this bit of housekeeping, let’s move on to what I consider to be the top small business trends for 2022.

The purpose of the brand replaces the originality.

Authenticity is a decade-old buzzword that most people struggle to define, let alone introduce. One of the things the big change that year three brought about is forcing people to search for meaning in their work and certainly what their brand stands for, what it promises, and what it delivers.

I expect this idea to become a defining factor for brands. People will make their decisions based on their association with a brand. Who knows how long this will last but for now, make sure to help people connect with what you stand for.

Events are still virtual.

It seems that this trend if you want to call it that was about to end in the fall of 2021, but unfortunately, this trend will continue until 2022 and will continue to affect the habits of business travel and education.

I’m looking for several important events to get better at hybrid performances. I also think that making groups of 8-10 to take an experience together would replace the typical course or membership program.

Co-marketing is no longer a big game.

I’ve always loved co-marketing. When you think about this you might immediately think of Red Bull and GoPro, but any company can do it.

Since it has become pretty much impossible to make a cold call or even network well, why not look for other companies to help you reach potential customers.

Co-marketing is basically an evolution of the referral, but its passive nature can create a great offering and I think the idea will really spread in 2022 for small, proactive businesses.

Small business learns to outsource content.

Let’s start with two facts – content is there, and creating useful content is hard work. Most large organizations create the content storm they need for each stage of the customer journey by building content teams and outsourcing mass production of content to freelancers and agencies.

With the advent of AI in the field of content creation, many small businesses will be able to compete in the content game by hiring cheap content partners armed with AI tools.

NFTs already

In case you haven’t been online recently, NFT stands for non-rollable token, which of course means little. Read on for this idea if you need to fully understand all the encrypted stuff.

NFTs have been very successful in 2020 and 2021, especially in the world of digital collectible art. See, that’s the non-fungible part – unlike bitcoin you exchange for another token or bitcoin and you have the same thing you started with NFT that’s usually original of some kind, but since it’s built on the blockchain (usually Ethereum), it’s a bit of nodes.

There will be copies, but you can prove that you have the original. And the artist can reinforce or continue your connection, and that’s where this becomes fun.

Consider buying a party ticket that comes with special rewards based on the ticket price or ticket number. Next, think about how creators will start generating tokens for their community.

Well, this is already all happening and well beyond the mainstream, but now is the time for small businesses to start paying attention – not to Gary V, but to people like Polesian atmosphere webRyan Clark.

So, we’ll see how she did in a year or so.

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