Selling to Yourself Proceeds Selling to Clients by Elinor Stutz

Sales efforts are futile unless you are 100% behind an idea, product or service. Hence, selling to yourself proceeds from selling to customers. No doubt anyone in a sales job paused to wonder what they would sell when they heard a new ad. Integrity is everything, as clients seek before committing.

It’s easy to dismiss a new offer as not worth anyone’s time. Even worse is admitting that it’s time to find a new job. The dilemma can turn into having to answer the recruiter’s question, “Why are you leaving your current workplace?” Dissatisfaction may appear because you are probably a problematic employee and not worth hiring. It is much better to interview at the highest level than to interview at the passive level. The dilemma places more importance on the idea that selling to yourself comes before selling to clients or a recruiter.

Consider selling yourself as a rehearsal for the conversation with your next potential client. You want to address any doubts you may have in advance so that hesitation is not front and center when you make the formal offer.

The following checklist can help you sell yourself up front:

  • What are the downsides of the product or service?
  • Why do I perceive danger or uncertainty?
  • How do I overcome doubt?
  • If I was the prospect, would I run away from the idea?
  • As expected, is it possible to negotiate a better outcome?

When reviewing questions, you usually ask yourself, writing down your initial thoughts and whether any of them might change with further study. When realizing that “no” turns into “maybe,” review the reasons for the mental change. Now consider whether the same applies to your potential customers.

One final step for selling yourself up front is watching yourself present in the mirror. Check out the good attitude, the friendly smile, the believable verbiage, and how the phrases appear when you express them through the mirror. Oftentimes, a coaching presentation requires several attempts because we get stuck in the words.

Stumbling into a presentation for potential clients can lead to distrust because it is so implausible. Unless you believe in validity 100% and it shows accordingly, the success in selling items is not yours to own. That’s why it’s best to practice to make sure you’re comfortable with dabbling and what you’re about to sell. Practice doesn’t necessarily make the result perfect, but it certainly improves delivery.

Now that there is a possibility that your new product or service may have viability in your mind, it is time to create a checklist to show off to your customers. Realizing that each has different requirements, ideas, and ideas, it is best to start with a general list. Then do your research and review previous notes ahead of time.

Customizing presentations for each potential client may take extra time but ultimately prove worth it. Personalizing your presentations builds potential interest and trust rather than using generic scripts. People understand and appreciate the extra effort you put in to better understand their perspective before you put your interests first.

Questions for existing customers:

  • Are you still happy with the benefits of XYZ; If so, how has it worked in your favor so far?
  • Since you’re satisfied with it, are you willing to consider a free service?
  • Can I share some details to discuss and analyze whether what’s new will work in your favour?

When you receive the green light to make an appointment, ask if the person has any prior questions that you can address in person to provide the target facts for consideration. Take careful notes and do your research ahead of time. Accuracy is an essential component of building trust and credibility.

Without the habit of selling to ourselves up front, it becomes difficult to sell to others. Our job is to understand why and how the product and service will be beneficial. We have to sell ourselves first on the concept by examining it from both negative and positive points of view. Once it looks favorable, it is possible to proceed as usual and do so successfully.

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