If I Become a Certified They Ask, You Answer Coach, Will IMPACT Help Me Train My Staff?

become Certificate they ask, you answer coach It allows you to reimagine the way you serve your customers.

Instead of working as an implementation specialist who writes copy, shoots videos, and builds workflows for your clients, you become a strategic specialist who sets direction and holds clients accountable.

The results of this transformation are significant, and there Extensive benefits for you and your customers.

You are no longer stuck in a cycle of slashing profit margins and customer inflating. Instead, you can serve more customers more efficiently, and those Customers see better results Because they take ownership of their sales and marketing success.

But for this new model to work, you’ll need to know the necessary logistics. You’ll want to provide your customers with the best possible experience. The first step is to start your degree. Next, you need to create a plan for your business and assemble your team.

Unlike a certification program, IMPACT employee training does not help you deliver “ask, you answer” training to your clients, but We offer resources to help.

With our resources and the experience you already have, you will likely be able to provide training services immediately upon completion of your degree. This article will explain how to get started.

Below, we will cover:

  • Whichever they ask, you answer the services that you will be able to sell once you are approved
  • Exactly what team members you will need to provide each service ask, you answer
  • How can you train your employees to provide services
  • Advice on getting started

Trust us, it’s easier than you think.

Be asking, you answer as a certified trainer

Offer they ask, you answer services

The beauty of coaching asks, you answer is that it works in almost every industry. You no longer need to pretend to have deep knowledge about the niche of a particular client.

When you are a coach, you provide the framework and strategy – the client provides knowledge about their industry, business, and competition.

To provide these services, we advise you to divide them into three separate offers.

  • They ask, you answer the workshops

During the first intensive week of sessions, you will learn everything you need to know to start delivering Ask, Answer workshops.

In fact, you’ll present items from the workshop directly to Marcus Sheridan in the second week – and you’ll get detailed feedback.

After completing the first six months of your degree program, you can offer these workshops on your own. (Noticeable: Here’s How IMPACT Markets Their “Ask, You Answer” Workshops.)

Certified instructors typically charge $5,000 – $7,500 for this workshop, plus travel costs, if you choose to do one in person.

You can offer the workshops on your own. No additional team members are required.

  • They ask at the executive level, you answer the training

Upon completion of the certification program, you will be able to provide complete executive coaching services to your clients.

A typical trainer sells these services starting at $2,500 per month, and meets with clients two to four times a month.

No additional team members are required.

  • They ask, you answer perfection

As coaches expand their business and agency staff, they ask, You Answer Mastery is their main service offering.

Typically priced at between $5,000 and $12,500 per month, they ask, You answer mastering services that include coaching, as well as supplemental training in specialized areas such as marketing automation, content and video strategy, and sales technology.

Most coaches have team members who help them provide this service. When we sell this service in IMPACT, our customers work with a Content coach, a Video coach, and HubSpot trainer.

IMPACT will not assist you in hiring or training these other employees. So, how do you assemble the team necessary to deliver them asking, you answer mastering your clients? In two ways.

  1. Use the library of IMPACT+ lessons and courses. You can have your clients watch these courses themselves, or you can have your team members learn from these courses to prepare for training sessions with clients.
  2. Take advantage of the knowledge you already have on your team. If you are running a small marketing agency, your team members should have a lot of knowledge you need to educate your clients. Chances are, you already have experience with marketing automation, content creation, video strategy, and virtual sales.
    You will only need to delegate these team members to become coaches.

Build and train the team you need

Let’s explore your options for building an in-house team of coaches:

+ . effect

+ . effectOur online learning community, offering a wealth of resources on all aspects of inbound marketing and ask, answer.

As Pro-level members, you and your team will have access to dozens of courses and lessons, hundreds of event and keyword registrations, and other tools such as scorecards, learning paths, and more.

Use IMPACT+ to train your clients

You can use IMPACT+ resources to train your clients directly. Assigning courses is a great way to focus on a specific skill. For example, if you are conducting content training for a client, these are some of the courses that will be very valuable:

And trust me, there are a dozen others that do well too:

You will find everything you need there.

Use IMPACT+ to train your team

But customers do not need to enjoy all this fun. There is another alternative. Again, if you are providing content training for a client, Someone on your team They can watch the same videos and then present the lessons to the clients themselves.

This allows your team members to make the information their own and set the right pace for the client, which a video can’t do.

Your coaches also have access to many different pre-planned learning paths, such as This one is about blog content or This one is about video contentOr, you can put together a customized curriculum to meet the individual needs of your coaches.

IMPACT+ also provides Mastermind Groups that foster in-depth discussions with like-minded professionals that provide your coaches with the support they need to take their skill sets to the next level.

Leverage experience within your organization

As you train and develop the trainers in your staff, don’t lose sight of a valuable resource that you may already have access to internally: HubSpot experts, content and video.

If you’ve been a marketing agency that’s been working with clients for years, you’ve likely developed rich experience in content creation, internal strategy, CRM use, email marketing, and more.

Thus, if you have an experienced copywriter on the staff, use this person to show your clients the ropes of content creation.

When you use your employees in this way, you free them from implementation and enable them to do consulting. This also gives your agency the bandwidth it needs to attract more clients.

As a certified trainer, you can work with your employees to help them upgrade their communication and training skills before they work with clients. You can share the knowledge you gained from the degree programme.

You can also get the certification of other members of your team.

You can start training sooner than you think

You already have many of the tools to deliver effective training ask, you answer to your clients. As a certified trainer, you will bring a solid skill set to every meeting you have with clients.

You’ll be an expert in the “They Ask, You Answer” framework, but you’ll also be a communicator, a leader, and a goal-setter.

For other coaching roles, use the experience your team already has. As marketing professionals, they already have a deep knowledge of content strategy, email marketing, and CRM usage.

If you can help them learn how to teach what they know, you will be ready to provide coaching services.

And for any skills that lie outside your knowledge base, use IMPACT+ as a training resource for your clients. There, they will receive direct instructions from Marcus and other Impact experts who can direct their efforts.

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