How To Make Sure Your Marketing Agency Leads Are the Right Fit

It can be difficult for marketing agencies to get quality leads.

Throw in a very wide net, and you’ll have an abundance of prospects in your pipeline that don’t belong there – and never will. Take a narrow look, and you may not have enough customers in your “fit” bucket to send to your sales team at all.

The problem with these two scenarios is that when your agency doesn’t screen customers properly early on in the sales process on the front end, your sales team wastes a significant amount of time chasing down bad leads.

And since time equals money, what we’re really saying here is that Ineffective lead acquisition can take a huge hit to your bottom line.

Here at IMPACT, we’ve been through a lot of trial and error when generating suitable leads. We understand how frustrating it can be to form a new client and start working together, only to realize that the services we offer do not quite match the client’s needs. But since we put some processes in place that help us better analyze which customers are likely to convert and what kind of customer we want to work with, we no longer waste time figuring out which customers to follow.

We know exactly how to recognize ‘good’ versus ‘bad’ leads – and as a result, our sales team members have a significantly shorter sales cycle.

With these tips, you can also tighten up the lead qualification process and have a solid indication of which leads will convert.

In this article we share:

  • How to make your agency in front of not just any audience, but right public.
  • How do you know what to pursue and what to pass on.

Willing to deliver the right leads to your sales team, help them shorten their sales cycle, and make it It’s easier for your agency to grow?

Let’s dive in.

Be asking, you answer as a certified trainer

How to make your agency in front of not just any audience, but right public

To find the best potential customers for your marketing agency, you first have to be in front of the right audience at the right time.

Our experience has been that while most agencies understand this concept and may find it obvious, they still need a little guidance when it comes to how.

These 3 strategies that we implement here at IMPACT will help you Leverage your niche audience and narrow down the best potential customers By finding your right audience from the start.

Publish high-quality content targeting your niche audience

As marketing agencies, we use internal marketing principles to help our clients attract more and better qualified businesses. But sometimes we forget that the “all companies are media companies now” metaphor that we tell our customers applies to our business as well.

If you want to attract a specific audience to your agency, you need to Post content that answers their questions and helps them solve their problems. It helps your agency build trust and establish itself as the #1 thought leader in your space.

To do this:

  • Post content to your customers. Ensure that you address the most pressing questions and concerns your clients have when searching for an agency. We recommend starting with The Big 5, since these five basic categories tend to generate more web traffic and revenue than other topics.
  • Create lots of videos, More specifically Sale 7, to also answer frequently asked questions and explain who you are (and most importantly who you are not) a good fit for you.

Every time you post content that solves your customer’s problems in a transparent and trustworthy way, you create another opportunity for someone to find your business.

Be clear about your agency’s key differentiators from the start

When you establish a clear set of differentiators for your business, it’s easier to eliminate irrelevant possibilities—and even help clients exclude themselves.

Not only do you need to create this differentiation list, but you need to make sure that potential customers are familiar with and understand it.

To do this:

  • Ensure that your website accurately reflects your agency. Specifically its services, offers and prices. This is where you can put your stake on the floor and start ‘all’. Be very specific about what you do, who you work with, your specialties, or the unique aspects of how you serve customers.
  • Make it easy to find this decision making information on your website and services pages so that unsuitable potential clients can weed themselves out before they meet with your sales team.

For example, we teach our customers how to create their own content internally – we don’t create content for them. (In our article and podcast Get customers to ask for your approval, not the other way aroundWe explain why we do this – and why your agency might want to, too.)

As this is a clear difference to us, when clients come to us looking for a marketing agency to strategize And Implementing a content marketing strategy, we know right away to point them in another direction.

Discuss all customer expectations in advance

Strong communication and follow-up is key to forming strong agency-client relationships. This is why it is important to discuss business expectations with you.

To do this:

  • Ask your client if they have worked with an agency before. What has gone well? What did you do? What do they expect from you? Put it all out there so you can decide if this partnership will work best for both parties.
  • Make a list of the “difficult things” and stick to them. A potential client will probably assume that your agency will be at their disposal, call them, and are available on weekends. Maybe they only want to report converting traffic or sales once a month. Outline these requirements from the start and determine if they align with the way your agency operates.

When your agency takes the time to explain the details surrounding all the services, pricing, and support they offer, it becomes easier for your agency and prospects to identify the most suitable clients.

Check out our free guide More profitable agency scheme For more tips on how to set up your agency for success, or Make a call to one of our advisorsWho can answer any of your questions.

How to know which leadership to follow and which to pass

Now that you’ve attracted more relevant leads with stronger messages on your website and in your initial interactions, here’s how to see what leads to a follow-up once they set foot in the door.

Zero in on the right leads by selling assignments

sell assignment The process of intentionally using educational content that you have created about your products and services to solve potential customers’ major problems Before for a sales appointment.

It helps your sales team weed out bad leads by educating potential customers about what you do before they meet with your sales team.

To do this:

  • Brainstorm the content your sales team needs To attract qualified buyers.
  • Develop content that your sales team can use In the sales process to close deals faster.
  • Send content to potential customers Before their sales call, and tell them if they can’t read it, you need to reschedule your meeting. This shows your prospects how important a review is.

Although the content will vary based on both the sales team and the customer’s needs, the goal should be one: Send content to potential customers who answer their questions beforehand.

content like 80% video It is a wonderful choice. It saves your sales team time explaining the same questions asked on 80% of their sales calls and helps potential clients understand whether or not they want to do business with your agency.

Set up an effective scoring system for your CRM

Lead scoring allows your team to identify the highest quality leads with the best potential return. It takes time to set up the right method (unique to your ideal customer’s journey).

But once established, a well-designed lead scoring process can save your sales force valuable time and energy.

To do this:

  • See Through Your CRM Available communication features So you know what data points you can work with when setting up the lead scoring formula.

  • Let sales define what success looks like for this key scoring initiative, including details (eg how many points should we award if a website visitor takes this action? How many points out of 100 dictate MQL vs SQL? etc) This article is from HubSpot Dive deeper into the things your marketing and sales teams need to align with.

  • Create a “rafter draft” of what your key scoring could look like. Once you have an outline, circle the sales to make sure they have purchased your approach and point assignments.

  • manually setting The first iteration of the lead scoring criteria. In the HubSpot portal, go to the settings gear, go to “Properties” in the left navigation, and inside “Connection properties” find “HubSpot points”.

Once you start your main scoring initiative, be sure to keep improving it to match how well you will convert high-scoring leads. It can be an ongoing process, but each review helps you get a little closer to screening all of those suitable leads.

Stop deceiving potential customers and build a bigger and better customer base

Like anything in life, finding perfect leads comes down to striking a balance between being in front of the right audience and being able to phase out bad fits.

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