How to Make Amazing Employee Bio Videos (+ Examples)

If you wanted to explain what makes your company different from any of your competitors, there’s a good chance you’d say they are your people. Whether you’re talking about customer service, quality control, design, or something else, the people who do the work are what makes your organization unique.

The problem is that every business is likely to say something similar.

So, if a customer chooses from 10 different options, and they all say their employees are their biggest asset, how can that customer make a choice?

An employee CV video can do just that show Customers are the people who make your company special.

If done correctly, the video can begin to build trust and lay the foundation for a relationship.

After all, a basic principle of They ask, you answer is trust – in fact, we believe trust isThe necessary currency for all business transactions.

An employee bio video can be a confidence building factor that shows your prospects who they will be working with and exactly why people make your business the way it is.

Below, we’ll cover some of the basics of vital employee videos:

  • What is an employee bio?
  • What are the best videos?
  • How to plan ahead to get the video you need

If you are a videographer, marketer or entrepreneur, you will be ready to introduce your team to the world.

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The human side of work

It can be difficult for a potential client to assess whether you are worth their investment.

You can show examples of your work, share a case study or two, or talk about an award you won, but even a business that looks perfect on paper may not be a good fit.

As a marketer, your job is to build connections with your potential customers so that they feel confident Before You start working together. Customers want to know that you can achieve what they need and that you can deliver on what you promise.

Employee bio videos are one of the easiest ways to generate this with existing and potential clients.

What are employee vitals videos – and why do you need them?

An employee resume video is a quick look at who works for your company. They are a crucial component of what we call Sale 7 The videos you need to produce to truly resonate with your customers.

These videos are usually about two to three minutes long and provide basic information about each employee to show their personality and experience.

Vital employee videos are very effective in building trust and establishing connection.

Before we go any further, let’s look at an example. Here is a biographical video of Will Schultz, one of our coaches here at IMPACT:

If the videographer has done the job right, you should come up with a good idea of ​​who they are and what they do. You may have started to like him or feel like you know him.

Will Schultz is no longer just a name on a website. Now he is a person. Someone you can trust.

When you watch someone talk on video, passionately talking about their job, you see the human side of the job. You see a smiling face that you can communicate with.

Vital employee videos help potential clients build relationships with your team – increasing the likelihood of going forward and doing business with you.

So, let’s have a look at how these videos are made.

What does a good employee resume video look like?

These videos can look different based on your work, but I recommend the following:

It should be filmed “in interview style”

A good tip for shooting employee vital videos is to film your interview style.

Put the employee in front of the camera and ask the interviewer to sit next to the camera. Ask the employee to speak to this person in a conversational tone.

This helps a lot when your employees are not comfortable in front of the camera. They can talk to a person instead of through a lens.

Chris example

Notice how Chris looks a little off-camera? This is totally fine. He will naturally talk to someone who is there instead of talking into the viewfinder.

must include “b-roll”

Make sure you have some supplemental shots, i.e. shots without sound, to put on top of the main shots. This can take three forms:

  1. The second camera shots from the interview to add a different angle and break things up
  2. Snapshots of the person doing the things he is talking about: working, speaking, designing, etc.
  3. Snapshots of a person’s personal life or family.

This will help make the video fresh and visually interesting.

It also helps the viewer to get a visual of what that employee looks like on a daily basis. This makes it easy to visualize working together.

Finally, if the employee in the video is not very comfortable in front of the camera, supplemental shots can also be useful for covering up the nerves.

It must be short

Keep employee vital videos short. The video does not need to be long to achieve its goal. All you need is enough to show your audience that you are good looking and trustworthy.

You must stay true to your brand

Sometimes you may feel that there is a conflict between trustworthiness and personality. Heavy weight in one direction can make a person feel stiff and stiff. The other method may seem too trivial.

Make sure you stay true to your brand identity while still having some fun. You want to be memorable while also showing expertise.

What should employees talk about in their videos?

A videographer who schedules a video shoot for an employee resume should prepare a list of pre-set questions that they can share with the team. This will help everyone prepare to get the most out of their interview.

There are three main topics to be covered in this type of video:

1. Their turn

First, they must explain their role. Headlines can be confusing, especially to people outside the organization.

To get the most out of this question, you can ask questions like:

  • what is your role?

  • What does your daily life look like?

  • What problems do you help customers solve?

  • How long have you been in this position?

These questions define the mechanical aspects of the job and establish credibility.

2. Their ideals

The next thing to focus on is their ideals. Why do they do what they do? What makes them care about their work?

Ask questions like these:

  • What makes you a perfect fit for this role?

  • Why do you love your job?

  • What is the most satisfying part?

  • What do you think of the customer experience?

These questions make a person humane, focusing on his professional role. This will help the audience connect with the person on their screen.

3. Their life outside of work

And finally, they should describe their personal life. Expressing your passions and hobbies can help build relationships with people you haven’t met before. For example, you might still remember the picture of Will with his bike and skateboard.

Examples of Great Resume Videos for Employees

Now let’s look at some examples so you get the idea. Just like the ones in Will above, these help you feel like you know the person you’re learning about. If the video does its job, you will now likely want to work with this person in the future.

Here are some examples of my employees’ favorite bio videos.

Aquila commercial

This video puts a face on a field that can look official and a button. David is clearly enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the work he does for Aquila Commercial Real Estate in Texas.

JMAK Characteristics

This person directly attracts you by offering complementary shots, and the video clearly conveys the help and enthusiasm.

Interview-style photography allows her to be comfortable and talk.


Well, this isn’t exactly an employee resume video, it’s a group video, but it’s something out of the box that I definitely remember.

I prefer if there are more audio shots of people on screen, but this is an excellent example of how to enjoy video. Buzzwords like “beautiful talker” and “data nerd” are fun and help you get to know their team quickly.

Make your work more human

It is difficult to develop a human connection via the Internet – and buyers are often skeptical about sales and offers that are too good to be true. Seeing a face and hearing a voice can help.

Building trust through video is the fastest way to make connections.

Business deals are built on relationships, and relationships have to start somewhere.

Employee vitals videos are a useful tool for building relationships with your potential customers and helping them become customers.

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