Frugal Marketing Fundamentals to Look Out For | by CopyRock | Dec, 2021

Listen to the article in Audio recording Form or watch with narration on YouTube. The marketing industry is changing rapidly. There are strategies, marketing tools, new techniques, and even ways to look for marketing opportunities. As 2022 approaches, companies around the world are scrambling to figure out how to meet the constant flow that represents … Read more

A Guide to Inbound Marketing with Examples — NeoDove | by NeoDove | Dec, 2021

Simply put, inbound marketing is the process that helps potential clients find your business online. Customers can configure brand preferences even before making a purchase decision, and early communication can prepare them to sell. Content Marketing, Blogs, Events and Search Engine Optimization ( SEO) and social media and other methods, such as those mentioned above, … Read more

規劃長期的內容戰略 – 孫 櫟 Sunny

ما هو تسويق المحتوى؟ لماذا يعد تخطيط المحتوى طويل المدى مهمًا جدًا؟ كيف تصنع خطة محتوى طويلة المدى؟ [Outline by Mindomo] تعريف تسويق المحتوى: تسويق المحتوى هوالتسويق الاستراتيجي وعمليات الأعمال ذات الصلةالتركيبة التي تركز عليهاإنشاء وتوزيعقيمة وذات صلة ومتسقةالمحتوى,لجذب جمهور محدد بوضوح والاحتفاظ به،بالطبع،الهدف النهائي هو تسهيل إجراءات الشراء الخاصة بالعميل تعريف تسويق المحتوى إن … Read more

Why Inbound Marketing Is Important to Attract Millennials and Gen Z | by Corey Kelly | Dec, 2021

The selfie, skinny jeans, avocado toast – you might mock these trends started by our younger generation, Millennials and Generation Z, but the fact remains that these fads are indicative of how industries need to market themselves to these rising groups. Millennials have already overtaken baby boomers as the largest generation in America, and Generation … Read more

Top 9 Most Effective Inbound Marketing Strategies — NeoDove | by NeoDove | Dec, 2021

Inbound Marketing Strategies They help attract consumers by providing relevant materials and experiences. Unlike outbound marketing, which bombards your audience with information they don’t always want, inbound marketing builds relationships and addresses issues they already have. Internal marketing strategies are designed to grow your business by establishing meaningful and long-term relationships with your customers, prospects, … Read more

All About Digital Marketing. For most businesses, digital marketing… | by Christopher Smith | Dec, 2021

All about digital marketing For most businesses, digital marketing is a part that cannot be ignored anymore. digital signRIn simple terms, internet-based methods of driving traffic to a company’s website or social media platforms. Digital marketing is an umbrella term used to group activities and campaigns aimed at reaching a specific goal within your target … Read more

Using Gated Content to Drive Conversions on Your Website | by Doug DeMaio | Jan, 2022

Inbound marketing relies on meeting your potential customers wherever they are, and providing valuable content to keep them coming back for more – ultimately, as customers. It’s all about building trust and relationships by making valuable connections with potential clients. A core element of this internal effort revolves around “blocked content offerings.” So what exactly … Read more