The Key to Sales Success in a Digital Landscape? Make It Personal

Selling is never easy. And if you lead a sales team that relies on engaging face-to-face with potential customers, the COVID-19 pandemic has likely made your job more difficult. Without opportunities to engage potential customers in person, you had to find new ways to close deals quickly. This is especially true in B2B sales, where … Read more

Social Commerce to Reach $1.2 Trillion by 2025, Accenture Finds

Accenture has predicted that the $492 billion global social commerce industry will grow three times as fast as traditional ecommerce, reaching the $1.2 trillion mark by 2025. Social commerce, the research firm said, will grow by 26 percent compounded annually through 2025. Currently, it makes up 10 percent of all e-commerce, but it is expected … Read more

5 Trends That Are Reshaping the Market Research Industry

In the long term, organizations continue to strategize growth and resilience with new ways of profitability and dominance in new markets. Organizations, strategic teams, and market research will continue to play critical roles in achieving these business growth goals by making decisions that are driven by data and insights. Market research continues to play a … Read more