5 Leading Pre-Filled Syringe Manufacturers- Verified Market Research

The world of medicine is subject to certain innovations and changes over time. Whether it’s medical devices or tools, innovation touches everything. One of those things is a prefilled syringe, which is the fastest growing option in the medical world. This selection is available from manufacturers of prefilled syringes.

Prefilled syringes are emerging as one of the rapidly growing options for unit dose and other medications. Furthermore, the pharmaceutical industry strives to offer a new and unique method of drug delivery. Manufacturers of prefilled syringes reduce drug waste while increasing product life.

In the past, glass and metal syringes were preferred and were the only option. But later, the revolution towards plastic syringes and disposable syringes occurred. Now, prefilled syringes are used for nearly every dose. In addition, prefilled syringes are now used in a wide range of therapeutic sectors such as vaccine doses, blood doping and therapeutic proteins.

The prefilled syringe eliminates errors and enhances ease of use. However, there are many challenges for prefilled manufacturers such as the communication between the drug and the prefilled syringe, quality and stability standards.

Advantages and disadvantages of a prefilled syringe

Prefilled syringes make injecting medications easy and safe for both clinicians and patients. Patients have greater chances of receiving the appropriate dose with a prefilled syringe. Manufacturers of prefilled syringes can take advantage of this, particularly with costly biopharmaceuticals. Finally, prefilled syringes are well compatible with increasingly common safety devices.

On the other hand, manufacturers of prefilled syringes must ensure patient safety by demonstrating that no component is extractable and extravagant. Also, the initial packaging does not have any negative effect with medicines.

The use of prefilled syringes with medication is one of the major challenges for manufacturers in the industry. This is very concerning because it creates stability issues. Manufacturers of prefilled syringes must eliminate interactions between drugs and packaging materials.

Regulatory authorities, companies, and customers investigate and examine every aspect of needles and syringes, especially as they are increasingly used today. As a result, handling and quality management issues are critical.

Manufacturers of prefilled syringes must keep pace with rapid developments in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. More complex technology is needed, which requires increased investment in manufacturing. An increasing range of compounds are being developed in new therapeutic classes.

5 Leading Manufacturers of Prefilled Syringes Take Care of Patients

Verified market research experts have found that the market has been standing by in leaps and bounds $5.4 billion in 2019. However, according to Global Prefilled Syringes Market Report, the market will appear at $9.9 billion by 2027.

The height during this period will be equal to compound annual growth rate 8.9% from 2020 to 2027. To determine the causes of growth, Loading his model report.

Western Pharmaceuticals

Western Pharmaceuticals Founded by Herman O. West and JR Wike of Philadelphia in 1923, it is headquartered in Exton, Pennsylvania. It is a company specialized in injectable pharmaceutical packaging systems.

West Pharmaceuticals is more trusted by many pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies. The company is dedicated to providing high quality, technologically advanced containment and delivery solutions. Thanks to its exceptional service quality, it has earned a prominent name in the pre-filled syringe manufacturers. The company uses safe, advanced technologies to manufacture prefilled syringes that care for patients.


Catalint logocatal is a leading provider of delivery technologies, drug development, and drug manufacturing, biopharmaceuticals, gene therapies, and consumer health goods worldwide. The company is headquartered in Franklin Township, New Jersey, United States and was established in 2007.

Catalent is a global leader in advanced services, pharmaceutical production and medical manufacturing. The company helps life sciences innovators develop and launch successful pharmaceuticals and consumer health products. They regularly build an advanced set of technologies and capabilities to promote faster product development.


SCHOTT . logoshot is a global glass manufacturer based in Germany that specializes in the production of glass and glass ceramics. The company is owned by Carl Zeiss, which is based in Mainz, Germany. Auto Schott is the founder and founder of the company in 1884.

SCHOTT is a leading manufacturer of prefilled syringes with a global presence. The company is a dominant partner in all major high-tech industries such as healthcare, home, consumer electronics, appliances, automotive and more. Its glass products are known as the world’s leading glass producer.


nibro . logonibro is an equipment manufacturer founded in 1954, and the company is headquartered in Osaka, Japan. The company was incorporated in 1954 and Nipro Pharma is one of its subsidiaries.

Nipro develops great products through a combination of expert knowledge and technology. It offers products to reduce the burden on patients and healthcare professionals through its involvement in contract manufacturing. To contribute to the medical industry, Nipro is one of the top manufacturers of prefilled syringes.


Terumo . LogoTeromo It was established in 1921 as Red Line Thermometer Corporation by a group of medical experts led by Dr. Kitasato Shibasabur to manufacture medical thermometers in Japan. Terumo BTC, Microvention and others are its subsidiaries.

Terumo is known for its high quality products for the medical industry such as the prefilled syringe. Since its inception, the company has been working to deliver the most advanced and reliable medical settings the world needs. Company members have taken all challenges and turned them into opportunities.

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