44 Landing Page Examples to Inspire Yours in 2022

A landing page is not an ordinary terrain of a website.

Like an alien discovering a new planet, there’s a possibility landing there looking forward to it Make a connection. it’s sexy At least he’s a marketing nerd like me – however, despite the excitement, it’s easy to end up on the phone with him.

You have a new view, get your go-to form, and clone the same one you use over and over again. … Where is the meaning of adventure? where creative exploration Who actually makes the visitor Wants To convert?

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The landing page examples I share below span B2B and B2C lines and a wide variety of industries and offerings.

While many of the periodic reports focus only on the big brands (and I definitely include them too), I went the extra mile to share great examples of small and medium-sized businesses with tighter budgets.

However, what they all have in common is that they all feature unique designs to get your creative juices flowing and use smart best practices to generate quality leads.

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What should a landing page include?

a landing page A website page that exists for the sole purpose of collecting information from a user for a particular view, usually via an on-page form, but not always.

a brilliant A landing page is simply one that clearly defines its value to its audience and generates leads through this model. But the most effective way to do this depends on your specific audience, your brand, and your industry.

Many great landing page designs (including several examples below) include features such as:

  • An explanatory video showing the details of the offer and its value. (This is part of Sell ​​7 videos A must have for all companies in their strategy.)

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  • Attributable images of people to help the visitor imagine themselves after getting the offer.
  • Social proof to support brand claims.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions to reduce objections and friction.
  • Convincing and concise version.
  • Explain “what to expect” after submitting the form.

How should you organize your landing page? This can vary, so use A/B testing to experiment.

Below each landing page example in this article, I’ve included a summary of what the brand did right, so you can get ideas for what to include in your design to increase conversions and overall success.

Great Landing Page Examples for 2022

1. Amazon

How to get it right:

  • Leads to a clear, concise value proposition and call to action.
  • Let’s do a video talk before breaking things into copies.
  • Copy focuses on the value to the user/customer.
  • Many friendly and reliable photos show a diverse audience.
  • Highlights key features with reviews to back up their claims.
  • Social proof includes real photos and social media handles to show authenticity.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions in advance.

2. Billy Rajan Roving*

*Editor’s note: Billy Ragan Roofing is an IMPACT client

Landing Page, Examples, Billy Ragan, Roofing

How to get it right:

  • Performs with a video showing a real team member. This humanizes the brand and starts building trust.
  • Set expectations by explaining exactly what happens after you fill out the form.
  • Details of each step of the process.
  • Combines high-quality, relevant photos with people.
  • Includes live chat, if the visitor has immediate questions.

3. Uber

Landing page eg uber

How to get it right:

  • It includes a headline that talks about a common pain point for the user – work schedule flexibility.
  • The form is placed at the top of the page to avoid getting lost and also to give visitors the opportunity to convert immediately if they wish.
  • Includes clear and concise transcript.
  • It highlights the three biggest reasons for conversion.
  • Uses a large image of a friendly and lovable person.

4. EF Ultimate Break


How to get it right:

  • It uses attractive, high-quality images that perfectly match the presentation and messages.
  • It includes social evidence that, for an eyebrow-raising display, is extremely important to combat goals or confusion.
  • Shows answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Creates a sense of urgency by including a time limit.

5. Snapchat

landing page-examples-snapchat

How to get it right:

  • Video merges.
  • It explains exactly what you get above the fold.
  • Bold use of the brand’s colour.
  • Use animations to illustrate the function.
  • Displays brand logos for social proof integration.

6. sticker mule

Landing Page Mule Poster Examples

How to get it right:

  • It uses dynamic animations to grab your attention and guide you to the bottom of the page.
  • Uses playful copy on branding to explain the value of the offer.
  • Include an eye-level call-to-action when you land on the page.
  • It has a high quality, entertaining video that shares more background about the product.
  • Includes social proof in the form of buyer reviews. It even contains real photos.
  • Gives “next steps” in the form of suggested recipes.

7. MasterClass

Landing Page-Examples-Master

How to get it right:

  • Take advantage of the video in the heroes section.
  • Leads to a clear and concise value proposition so you know exactly what you’re getting.
  • As you scroll, it shows the tangible details.
  • Includes a certificate with a header.
  • Includes social sharing links.
  • Recommend additional content.

8. HelloFresh

Landing page eg hellofresh

How to get it right:

  • Includes a high-contrast call to action in the heroes section.
  • It uses romantic motifs that go along with the “Dating Night” show to guide your eye down the page.
  • It tells you exactly how the process works and what you’ll find in the box to eliminate friction.
  • He uses co-marketing/influencer marketing to his advantage by including photos and quotes from Jessica Alba to get people to convert.
  • Effective blocking uses to separate important sections of the page, and once again, direct your eye.
  • Uses real, linkable images that perfectly match the messages.

9. Amazon PrimeLanding on the example of Amazon

How to get it right:

  • The call to action is placed at the top of the page, so it can’t be missed.
  • Video is used to humanize the show and explain its value in a more dynamic way (see above).
  • The film stars were distinguished by a touch of influencers in marketing.
  • Exclusive messaging and incentives are used to encourage conversion. It also speaks directly to Prime users.
  • The page ends by directing visitors to relevant products (alternative conversion opportunities).

10. Sheffield Metals International *

*Editor’s note: Sheffield Metals International is an IMPACT customer

landing page-examples-sheffield-minerals

How to get it right:

  • Performs with a video showing a real member of the team.
  • The version is short and pointed.
  • Removes all sources of distraction, including links and pop-ups.
  • The bold call-to-action button stands out on the page and draws the eye.

11. Zenefits

landing page example-zenefits

How to get it right:

12. Indoor office *

*Editor’s note: Office Interiors is an IMPACT client

Landing page eg office interior

How to get it right:

13. base camp

Landing page eg base camp

How to get it right:

  • Simple design, featuring very attractive brand cartoon character.

  • The title uses social proof, and tells you how many companies have signed up in the past week.

  • Transfer friction has been reduced by offering a free 60-day trial and not requiring a credit card to sign up.

  • Common questions and objectives covered above the fold.

Basecamp Reward:

Landing page eg base camp

How to get it right:

  • It shows how their platform can help you improve efficiency and bring it together.
  • Uses customer testimonials and exact numbers.
  • You are allowed to sign up using only an email address or a Google account.

14. TBS

Landing page eg TBS

How to get it right:

  • The version is short and cute, giving you all the lottery details in as few words as possible.
  • Let’s do a lot of video talking by showing it in the hero zone. It does a great job of humanizing the show by having a thumbnail of a person. (Lucky for them, that’s also a celebrity.)

  • It shows you exactly what you will stand a chance of winning if you fill out the form on the page.

15. Applied Education Systems *

*Editor’s note: Applied Education Systems is an IMPACT client

landing page-examples-educational-application systems

How to get it right:

  • A clear, direct and action-oriented value proposition.
  • Includes a video with a real-life team member.
  • Establishes expectations by detailing what happens after the form is filled out.
  • Handles objections and frequently asked questions in advance.
  • Includes social proof with quote, photo, and name of a real customer.

16. Codecademy

Landing Page - Example - Codecs

How to get it right:

  • The above-the-fold design is simple and free of distractions, using a clear title, relevant image, and a form with a bright red CTA button.

  • Signing in with Facebook or Google+ lowers the barrier to conversion.

  • It uses a video from a real student to answer a common question, “How can programming help you?”

17. Berry Insurance*

*Editor’s note: Berry Insurance is an IMPACT customer

Landing Page Example Berry Insurance

How to get it right:

18. Patreon

Landing page eg patreon

How to get it right:

19. Litchfield Builders *

*Editor’s note: Litchfield Builders is an IMPACT client

Landing page eg litchfieldbuilders

How to get it right:

20. impact

Landing Pages-Examples-Impact

How to get it right:

  • Social proof leads directly into the value proposition.
  • It includes a well-produced video that not only highlights the value of the newsletter but also shows the sense of humor and personality, as well as the real team members.
  • sets expectations.
  • Shows the above examples to show the reader what to get.
  • Includes social proof in the form of quotes from readers.
  • Short and easy to complete form.

21. Todoist

Landing page example todoist

How to get it right:

  • saying “More than 2 million people are doing amazing things with Todoist” provides social proof and investigates the question “Why not you?”
  • Clicking the bright red button brings up the form that says “Sign up in seconds” and allows you to sign in with an existing Google+ account. This shows that conversion is simple and not intimidating.

  • The background image is scrolled through short videos that show scenarios in which you can use the app. It also gives you a glimpse of what it looks like on different devices.

22. River pools and spas *

*Editor’s note: River Pools & Spas is an IMPACT customer

Landing page, example, river pools

How to get it right:

23. Vivino

landing page example-vivino

How to get it right:

  • The use of red stands out against the black background and draws the mental association with wine, Vivino’s flagship product.

  • The title is simple and concise and gives you the most important reason to download their app.

  • The three-step area highlights the simplicity of the app, which may be a barrier to entry for older folks who enjoy wine but aren’t tech savvy.

*Editor’s note: LaborSync is a former IMPACT client.

Although the majority of Magnolia Market is a retail space, it also has “The Magnolia Home,” where you can stay on vacation.

*Editor’s note: Yale Appliance is an IMPACT client.
landing page-example-yale-appliance

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